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Conservatory Hereford

Conservatory Hereford – DS Windows

Please read through our blog post about the different services that we offer. With more than 35 years’ expertise in the double glazing industry, we are one of the leading providers of conservatories in Hereford!. Our trustworthy reputation signifies that over and over, customers ask for our assistance to fulfil their unique needs. Our company has evolved to offer you more than just windows, as we now offer a wide variety of local products that can help to transform your property! If you would like more information about our conservatory services, then please go to our website on Conservatory Hereford to learn more!

Conservatory Hereford

With DS Windows being Hereford’s leading and longest serving conservatory, window & door installers, We understand the needs and requirements that homeowners have over the decades of work we have carried out. Our team make sure our loyal customers get the best service and product that we can produce, focusing on the client’s experience they have working with us. We strive for professionalism, quality and above all standards. We push the status quo when it comes to quality which is often unbeaten and has been for the past four decades. Enquire with us, and we guarantee you a service and end product that comes second to none.

From lavish country homes to Victorian townhouses and innovative builds, we can meet your needs using its efficient and affordable services. Every one of our doors and windows is fabricated to your unique needs at competitive prices.

At DS, you won’t be subjected to hard sells. We offer truthful and honest advice to help you make an informed decision. After all, a conservatory is a big investmeant to make so any rushed decision is a bad one.We help you find the perfect solution when it comes to finding the best conservatory, orangery or sunroom for your garden space.

At DS, we believe in supplying an incredible, high- quality product to each of our potential customers, whatever product our potential customers decide to decide upon. In this post, we look into the various solutions and relevant services we provide you with.

When you’ve got individual requirements for your home, just phone us on 01568 708 644 today to begin going over your requirements and our knowledgeable staff will tell you on the best way to further improve your home. Take a look at our page on Conservatory Hereford to find out more.

Conservatory Hereford

Perhaps you have had felt like you could do with more room or space at home? Instead of going through the hassle of moving house or having an extension built, why not consider a sunroom? With our new conservatory solutions, you can create added living space which provides an outstanding area for your family to experience.

If you’re ever needing more room to move about in your house and have more than enough garden area to do so, then have a conservatory built in your house. It is the maximum use of space- for people with a reasonably large garden area, getting a sunroom is the best way to make the most of all of your current land. This also lets you benefit from the neighbouring view you’ve got in your house. Consider it as a further living area but with a lot more of nature involved.

If you think having a conservatory built in your garden is a hassle then think again! We offer an inclusive service that takes the fuss and hassle out of buying a new conservatory since we take care of everything for you! We help you from the design stage to the build so that any regulation or authority approval is taken care of!

Every conservatory we build and install is customised for the particular property we’re constructing it for. However, if you want tips on how you will want your conservatory to look, you can view our extensive conservatories gallery. We can help you with the design of the custom conservatory to make it utterly bespoke to your home, making it truly one of a kind.

Conservatories in Hereford – Conservatory Hereford

Every home-owner wants to add extra room or space in their home. Whether it be for recreational use or just to change the look of the home, extra room in the form of an extension is always something that is on the mind of a homeowner. Conservatories are a welcome addition to most homes, with the glass covered structure adding both extra room and beautiful aesthetics to your property. Regardless of which type of extension you decide on, it’s essential to get it built by a company that knows what they are doing. There are horror stories of dodgy dealers in the form of amateur companies who manufacture shoddy conservatories that aren’t made to last. Even worse, many homeowners will be subject to danger since shoddy build quality can result in conservatory roofs collapsing in on itself! Our conservatory teams have seen it before, so it’s vital you enquire with a company with good experience and knowledge. Aided by the top level experience at DS Windows, our customers are guaranteed the best quality service and product, regardless of what you are looking for. Whether you want to build a sunroom, we can help!

With our rich bank of knowledge and experience, the team can focus on being able to familiarise ourselves with all types of conservatory so that we can work with our customers to help come up with the best conservatory for that particular home. Conservatories should be tailored to the house it’s being built with, which is the way we operate and design our conservatories!

It doesn’t matter if you have a small idea of what type of conservatory you want, or no idea at all since it’s our job to help you! Our design team can help come up with the perfect conservatory for your home matching the style and suiting your needs! Be assured that you are dealing with professionals, with leading- class construction and award-winning design.

What is a conservatory? – Conservatory Hereford

A conservatory is a form of house extension that takes the form of a small room that extends from the back door of your house. It’s common to build a glass conservatory in the garden, increasing the amount of space in your house by adding an entirely new room!  They usually has two sets of doors, one outer and one inner that connects to the rest of the house to make sure the security of your property isn’t compromised!

A conservatory is almost entirely made from glass. With a few metal and UPVC components joining the segments up. The roof structure is comprised of a plastic/glass net that makes up a great looking roof that lets in a nice amount of light. When the sun chooses to show itself in the UK, conservatories let in huge amounts of light allowing your house to light up too, letting that natural light in improving the aesthetic and atmosphere of your property.

Increase the value of your house with a conservatory:

A conservatory is a valid way of enhancing your property’s value when it comes to selling your property. From an economic viewpoint, conservatories are a worthwhile investment since you’re able to spend a relatively small amount of money to improve the curb value and overall sale value of your property. As a real estate technique, conservatories is often the deal maker in a lot of peoples decisions when it comes to buying a home as it’s a great addition to have. Most people also recognise that conservatories provide great features like extra living room while also increasing the value of their property.

Why use DS Windows? – Conservatory Hereford

When you enquire with us, you aren’t just paying for the service; you’re paying for the knowledge we have as a business. We are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent construction and design services at reasonable prices. Dealing and enquiring with us ensures that your conservatory is handled by one provider, making the entire process much simpler than using multiple providers that sub-contract other providers to carry out the work. We take on and carry out the work themselves, which is hard to say about a lot of other providers in Hereford. Having one provider for all aspects of your conservatory build means the project is accomplished noticeably faster which helps you save money, effort and time when it comes to costs!.

There’s a reason why so many people choose us when they decide on a home improvement solution. It’s because we produce all of our windows tailored for the building that they’re going into, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a superior-quality, robust solution. We provide you with a 10-year guarantee on each of our products and craftsmanship. Not only that, but we will offer you a no cost in-house consultation before any work is taken on to make certain that we fulfil both your needs and your finances.

We can also help with casement window fixes. Our team are experienced in, tell us the situation, and we will endeavour to offer a budget-friendly, efficient repair service.

Conservatory Hereford

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is an effective solution to refitting all your property with double glazed windows. Used extensively in houses, workplaces and a lot of other properties, secondary glazing is often a suggested remedy to obtain a quick and easy instalment option.

Our secondary glazing service is very valuable: we just add a 2nd pane of glass over a pre-existing window installation. This brings you the same added benefits that replacement windows would, but at a fraction of the price. Furthermore, the build quality of your current window installation is not jeopardised, and also, we guarantee all of our work and products to provide you with increased reassurance

Your house loses about 20 Per Cent of its warmth from the windows and single- glazed windows can lose nearly 14 times as much warmth as the very same area dimensions with a very well- insulated wall. The heat loss could be halted by adding secondary double glazing, which will help a homeowner spend less on energy bills. Noise pollution can be lessened which is a massive benefit, especially if you live by a hectic road.


Improving your property with a brand new door shouldn’t need to be an arduous job. With DS Windows, you’ll get expert advice on the most desirable entrance door for your property and price range. From high-end French and bi-folding doors to simple uPVC doors, that you are always guaranteed a high-quality solution.

Fascias & Soffits=

High- Quality Solutions, Superb Service

DS Windows consistently strives to present all its customers the latest enhancements in fascias, soffits and rainwater management methods. We use uPVC in all of our instalments, simply because we want to provide you with a long-lasting, durable alternative for enhancing your home. Our rapid, warm and friendly and economical service will guarantee that we continually operate as part of your specifications and budget.

We are always confident that you will be content with the support you will get, and that is why we offer a ten-year guarantee on all products and services


DS Windows’ uPVC guttering has many benefits. uPVC will never decay, decompose or warp with time, this means it is suitable for guttering. uPVC guttering is usually much less expensive than metal choices and better to preserve, making DS Windows’ uPVC guttering instalment service your perfect option.

If you wish to share your home improvement ideas with a member of our qualified team, you can phone us on 01568 708 644 or check out our product website on New Conservatory Designs Hereford to look for additional information. Find an affordable solution to improve and refine your home today!

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