New Windows Could Save You Money!

UPVC Windows Hereford

DS Windows – New Windows Could Save You Money!

If you’re a homeowner and you’re looking for ways to make your home efficient, have you considered UPVC windows? UPVC windows are a staple in any modern home, offering better insulation than other alternatives! You may think that uPVC windows are bulky & ugly, but they’ve come along way from the old days of thick frames & off colours that no one would want in their home. For more information about our window service, visit our page to learn more about our UPVC Windows Hereford service


Modern uPVC windows are no longer the white plastic windows of old, even though you’re still able to get white frames! uPVC windows now come in many colours, textures & finishes giving you a wide choice to pick from. From beautiful sleek gloss finishes to classic wood styling, there’ll be a finish perfect for you!

Our team provide uPVC sash windows that are designed to replicate the style of an old style window. If you want to preserve or restore the classic look of a home, uPVC sash windows are the solution! These are perfect for period homes that don’t suit a modern aesthetic, as it would be blasphemy to use white framed windows on a period home. Our new sash windows take the best aspects whilst getting rid of the finicky problems. Old sash windows create draught, rattles & jams due to the old pulley systems. You won’t get that with the new uPVC sash windows, as they’ve been refined for the modern home! Our sliding sash windows provide the character of a traditional window with the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect in our homes.

Change the look of your home!

With more people becoming conscious of the way their house looks, it’s becoming increasingly important to style a home the way you want it. Installing new windows is the perfect opportunity to give your home a new look. You’re able to pick the windows to suit your property as well as your taste.

The beauty of uPVC windows is the fact they can be custom made to your home. Our in-house craftsmen will build a uPVC window that we offer, giving you a custom fit window. We design bespoke windows to fit your home perfectly, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

You’ll also be saving money by having uPVC windows in your home as a result of the improved insulation! uPVC windows are much more thermally sound than other windows, saving money on energy costs! You’ll be spending a lot less for the same amount of energy used to heat your home! From the thermal efficiency to the sound isolation, uPVC windows are a great way of refining your home!

How are uPVC windows made?

We first start with some designs given to us from our team. We’ll hopefully work with you to come up with a design that you truly love. Our uPVC windows are made from a plastic frame with two panes of glass. Our crasftsmen embed the glass into the plastic frame, which is what makes them so thermally sound. The windows can then be filled with a gas to furthen the insulative qualities. We then fit the hinges & handles so that they can be fitted into your home. Any further checks or finishes are then applied once the windows are built and are then sent to our professional fitters!

If you would like more information about our UPVC windows then visit our page here – UPVC Windows Hereford or give our team a call and speak to our advisors. DS Windows are a leading provider of home improvement solutions. From doors, windows to fascias & soffits, DS Windows can offer it all!


UPVC Windows Hereford

UPVC Windows Hereford

UPVC Windows Hereford – DS Windows

With 35 years’ experience in the double- glazing business, DS Windows is acknowledged for giving top quality products and a unique quantity of services. Our trusted track record means that time and again, people call on our services in order to satisfy their distinct specifications. DS Windows has developed to provide not only windows, as we now offer a multitude of home products and services that will help to improve your home! If you’d like to take a look at our individual solution websites then please keep reading to find more information on your UPVC Windows Hereford service!

UPVC Windows HerefordFrom fantastic country dwellings to Victorian townhouses and current builds, DS Windows can be right for you with its excellent, value-for-money service. Every one of our doors and windows is designed to all your individual requirements at competitive prices.

At DS Windows, we believe in providing fantastic, high-quality products to all our customers, regardless of what product or service our potential customers decide to go for. In this post, we go through the distinct products and related services our company offers.

When you’ve got particular specifications for your property, just ring us on 01568 708 644 right now to get started with talking about your requirements and our experienced workforce can let you know on how to better your house.

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